We’ve been in existence for over fifty years and whether we’re taking part in national competitions, playing in local carnivals or holding concerts our combination of fun, enthusiasm and hard work shines through for all to enjoy. We always like to meet new members. Why not come and join us?

We welcome experienced players, but equally welcome are those who want to come and learn. We can provide you with lessons and when you are ready you can start playing within the main band.

If rhythm is more your thing, we have our corp of drums, of which we are very proud. We are unique in the region for having such a drum section, and they are always an attraction at concerts and carnivals where they lead the band.

Living in such a wonderful town enables us to take part in some fantastic local events. Every year the band are an important part of the towns may fair festivities. The twinning of Torrington with the french town of Roscoff has made for some memorable trips to Brittany in the past and the band look forward to returning to see our friends in Roscoff in the near future.